Winning a window cleaning contract in real time and live on twitter.

Hi all,

As some of you know from the previous post, I have set about trying to win a window cleaning contract live on twitter and updated on this blog. Why? I hear you say.

Well I found that a lot of our readers needed help in winning commercial window cleaning work, and so I thought, if I described my step by step process for seeking out such a contract live on twitter then those looking to gain more experience in this could learn as I go through the process.

There is no wright or wrong way, but there are things you need to put into the process in order to increase your chances.

Think about it for a minute there is no substitute for real life. I watched the news the other day and to my amazement the Japanese Government were acting out a drill ( training) their police in containing escaped zoo animals. They had lots of man power and equipment for it and the organization seemed controlled and properly planned out. The animal in question for this drill was a Rhino!!

They had two officers underneath a life-size paper-mache Rhino. Jeez – I chuckled to myself when the news cut away to a later scene which included a handful of these Japanese officers jumping up and down in order to get a huge net over the paper-mache Rhino. It was now static with no officers underneath.

Why am I telling you this? Because there is no way that the training will give them all the skills needed for real life. A real Rhino acts a lot differently to a paper-mache one.

I don’t know if I will end up winning this contract and then have to move to the next one. What I do know is that by me describing my thought process up against real life curve balls that can take you off your sales script you WILL be able to learn from this.

Email to contact….

So story so far…. the other day I popped into a building straight off the street and located the contact through reception ( as seen on twitter) in fact because I was given the contact right out side as I entered by High Vis man, reception wrongly thought I had an appointment. So I went a long with it, I could blame the misunderstanding on High Vis man.

She got on the radio but he was busy and I was asked to leave my details. I already had a leaflet and business card in hand.

I had already identified other areas of cleaning such as the algae on the high level steel work that my Thermopure and SMAX would clean dead easy. And so I decided that this could also be a potential foot in the door for the windows. This high level stuff is usually done by cherry pickers or rope access and I know pound for pound my service would be much cheaper but still make a profit.

Before leaving, I take the contacts email address so that I can test the water and fire off a quick email.

Here is the email I wrote to the contact:


My name is Lee Burbidge, I run a successful commercial window cleaning business called High Shine Ltd, that includes schools and colleges such as yours.  I would be more than happy to forward references from these schools that we clean.

I have driven passed your building so many times and have said to myself, ‘ I would love to window clean that building’.

The other day I popped in to establish a contact and I was given your details. On closer inspection of your building it would appear you have a problem with green algae build up on the high level steel work. Is this something else that you would consider cleaning up?

We use the latest in window cleaning technology ( the Thermopure system) that delivers heated pure water from the safety of the ground to clean windows but also to clean debris from structures such as the algae on your building.

I am more than happy to demonstrate the equipment for you. It complies 100% with Health & Safety regulations. No more expensive rope access teams or expensive equipment such as cherry pickers.

My company cleans for companies such as *********************to name but a few.

We have been members of the FWC since 1999 ( Federation of Window Cleaners) and we are Safe Contractor accredited (SSIP). Our staff are also trained in Health & Safety and techniques by the British Window Cleaning Academy.

Our web sites are or

My company is also the owner and sponsor of the Window Cleaning Magazine (WCM)  Our magazine attracts thousands of window cleaners from all over the world.

Would it be ok to arrange an appointment with you or the College in order for us to establish your needs and prepare a quote at no obligation for the cleaning of your windows?

I am more than happy to call and discuss.

Many thanks for your time and I look forward to your response.

Kind regards

Lee Burbidge

High Shine Ltd

What did you notice about the above email?

First it was to the point straight away, I do not want to loose the attention of my reader but I am aware I have a lot to say to him. Also in the Subject box of the email, the title was ‘Drive by’.

What else did you notice about the email? I mention all the associations that I am accredited too.

I have heard some people say stuff like, ‘Joining the FWC is a waste of money, joining the Safecontractor scheme is a waste of money’. These people, I am afraid to say lack a little vision. If you want commercial contracts, you are going to have to play the commercial game. You could write up the association costs as a form of sales cost in your head when you first start your campaign, if it helps.

Not only does it show your serious about your business, it also gives you a firm structure for the growth of your commercial window cleaning business. When you start to think like this, you will win more contracts.

Plus, as you are a business owner I know that you hold Health & Safety as a very important aspect of your business. Would it surprise you to know that some window cleaning companies do not have a Health & Safety System or hold H&S as important as you do? They are out their. People like this contact at this College hold H&S at the top of the list. Shout about your H&S training and get across to the contact that you are not one of those companies that does not hold H&S as highly as they do.

What else do you notice about the email? I mention high profile accounts that I work for and our achievements.

I can say that my company sponsors the Window Cleaning Magazine, because that is my achievement ( and there is a lot of work involved ), this may or may not help me get in the door.

You need to find your achievements and shout about the current great accounts you have. These improve your chances.

Follow the progress at twitter (LIVE), will I get the contract or will I be moving on to the next?? How will the contact reply to me? If he does!

If you want to ask me anything about this post you can email me directly at