Wise words from Kevin Dubrosky

Kevin is an expert in the marketing field and author of many marketing publications including ‘¢600p/hr The Ultimate Window Cleaning Marketing Guide’.

Kevin:  What’s the best advice I can give you?

Understand that you are in the marketing business, not the window cleaning business.

Homeowners and business owners in your target market are looking for solutions to their problems. They’re looking for vendors (you) that truly understand what drives them nuts, and they’re willing to pay you good money to fix it.

What’s driving your target market nuts right now?

a.) Find the answer to that question.
b.) Figure out how to deliver the solution better than anyone else.

Only then should you shout it from the rooftops. Never, never, never spend a dime telling a boring story. Don’t spend another red cent on postcards, web design, business cards, fliers, estimates, or even invoices, until you can figure out how your company is different in the solution you’re proposing.

Consumers are incredibly sensitive and grateful to companies that work hard to differentiate themselves from the rest of the stack. People say they love apples to apples, but the truth is, we like oranges, too, and plums, and pomegranates. Stop trying to out-apple your competition, and change the game, instead.