Are you open for business?

come in we are open sign hanging on a window door outside a restaurant, store, office or other

Running a successful window cleaning/softwashing/pressure washing business is about balance. At the beginning of the business you will wear many hats. It will be you that deals with the sales, the work and quality, the after sales, the bookkeeping, the buying, the planning, the scheduling, and the training.

Ideally you might aspire to first base of a real business, getting an employee to help you. Ordinarily, a tipping point of working hours is required in order for you to take an employee on. And then the cycle repeats.

How many times have you been so busy taking phone calls that it has impacted on your days work schedule and in turn your bottom line?

So after a while you throw the phone in the truck and get on with work letting your ansa machine pick up the new sales call.

I bid on two large jobs recently. Both had said they had called 2 or 3 window cleaners other than my company and they said that either they would get back to them, got the ansa machine or no answer at all.

Are you open for business? Biggest things that will CHOKE your business if you want to grow..

  • Not picking up – you have to! I remember a phone in my hotel suite this one time. It had a button with a smiley emoji next to it and the words “How can we help?”… Customer attention is paramount. Pleasing the customer is too.

“Why are they not picking up?” they will ask…. They might try again if you are lucky. Hey presto, your not picking up. You have told that prospect that you are too busy for them… but hey, we all get busy so they may leave a message. Most prospects want everything yesterday in reality

  • Not getting back to the message in a timely fashion – Anything over 24 hours might as well be dead.

“Hi, you left a message with me 2 weeks ago, you needed a quote for your window cleaning?”

“Hey, that was two weeks ago… we are sorted now.”

Not being prompt in your reply, your bid visit or getting the bid to the customer is demonstrating that you do not care and that they are not that important.

Make your prospects feel important. Treat them like the first prospect on the first day of your new business.

  • Here is a big one. You don’t call at all. Wow……. ! You don’t return the prospects call?

Your business is built on reputation. Now, when that prospect gets the right window cleaner for them who are they going to recommend? 75% of the general population would share a negative experience and 42% said they would share a service they would particularly like.